Crown’s miles :)


 A whopping Crown total of 1,042 for the past 10 days or so!! Lots of families making a really big push to try to get over the finish line!!

Lee has been very ill, went into hospital, was allowed out, then Jimmy (Shand) broke, Lee had to hitch 200 miles to a bike shop. She is hoping to catch up with Rickie- who was leading the women’s race, to go over the finish together later this week! We must be close to the finish line too…!!

Well done all 🙂

Keep the wheels turning!

great divide

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The best bit… harvesting and eating!

Today we found treasure in our garden!  It was so exciting.  We discovered some enormous radishes, some perfectly plump peas, some ruby red strawberries and to top it all there were lots and lots of potatoes.  Thank you Primary 2, what a lovely afternoon gardening.  The sun was shining and the garden was filled with the smell of rosemary, oh and the odd scream or two as we came across a few little creatures who also help in the garden!   Unfortunately we have had to share some of our treasure with the birds and the slugs who have taken a liking to the lettuce, peas and strawberries but looking forward to some tasting tomorrow.

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Our P2 Trip!

What a fantastic day we all had yesterday! Everyone had great fun, survived the sneaky seagull, made great choices about their behavior and made us very proud!

Thank you so much to our parent helpers, without you we are not able to go on trips outwith school so we are very grateful for your continued support.